Bryce Harper Got Snippy With A Reporter After Striking Out Four Times Against The Cardinals

Bryce Harper

Photo: TBS

Sometimes it is easy to forget that Bryce Harper is still a teenager and won’t turn 20 for another week.But then there are days like yesterday’s game two of the NLDS in which Harper acts very much like his age, both during the game and after the game, when he got snippy with a reporter.

Harper first raised eyebrows when he started the game with half his face covered in eyeblack, much like The Ultimate Warrior of professional wrestling fame or John Randle of the NFL. It is a look Harper had used before being drafted, but something the Nationals promised he wouldn’t do as a pro.

Well, it didn’t help, as Harper struck out in his first two at bats. He then ditched the eye black completely for his third at bat. He would ultimately take the Golden Sombrero in the game, striking out four times.

Then after the game, Rick Hummel, a columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, who is also a member of baseball’s Hall of Fame, asked Harper if he was being “over-anxious” at the plate. Harper responded by asking if Hummel thought so. When Hummel responded in the affirmative, Harper sarcastically responded, “Maybe you should be a hitting coach,” and then looked away.

Here’s the video (via Dan Hellie of NBC4)…

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