A Botched Call At The End Of The Kentucky-Vanderbilt Game Utterly Confused ESPN's Bob Knight

Last night Kentucky beat Vanderbilt thanks to a shot with less than 20 seconds remaining that should not have counted, as replays showed the ball was released well after the shot clock expired. But all of that was overshadowed by the confusion expressed on air by ESPN’s Bob Knight, and commentator Rece Davis’ painful attempt to explain what happened.

The confusion starts when ESPN comes back from commercial following the subsequent possession (0:50 mark of video below). Knight does not understand why the game clock has changed since the missed violation. And he is not sure what the shot clock is being used for.

Hopefully this was just a humorous case of confusion. But Knight is 72-years-old so it is natural to wonder if he has lost a little speed on his fastball. And maybe it is no big deal. If Coach Knight forgot half of what he knows about basketball, he would still know more than most of us…

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