Video Billboard Business, Now $6.8 Billion a Year, Gets Own Advisory Board

AdAge reports that the strangely named Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau has appointed an industry advisory board comprised of more than a dozen advertising luminaries.  More interesting is that the “place-based advertising industry,” as the video billboard business is now officially (and absurdly) called, is apparently now a $6.8 billion business.

For those not familiar with the “place-based” industry, OVAB’s member companies (with boilerplate promo language) include:


Adspace Mall Network
The Adspace Mall Network is the largest network of mall-based audio/video digital displays in the U.S.  The Adspace Mall Network’s large (8 ft. tall), bright digital video displays, called “Smart Screens”, reach 50 million affluent shoppers each month in 45 of America’s best shopping centres in 15 of the top DMA’s (December 2006). The network will expand to 100 malls by October, 2007, reaching 100 million mall visitors each month in 30 top DMA’s. Adspace Mall Network’s anchor programming shows 10 of the best sale items in the mall each day, called “Today’s Top 10”, engaging consumers with information that saves them time and money, and insures that they see advertisers’ adjacent messages. The “Today’s Top 10” specials, mall events, and a mix of local, regional, and national advertising messages are run repeatedly throughout the day in a six minute loop.  80 per cent of mall visitors have strong interest in “Today’s Top 10” sale contentthe most engaging content by far among programming options to this upscale audience in a “buying fame of mind”.



    Captivate Network
Captivate Network, is the national news and entertainment network that delivers quality programming and advertising to a highly desirable and targeted audience during the workday, when they are making business and personal buying decisions. Captivate is one of the most effective advertising vehicles available, earning a high 37% average ad recall, according to Millward Brown studies*. Captivate’s Network is seen in a distraction-free viewing environment, on wireless flat-panel television screens in the elevators of premier office towers across North America. Currently, Captivate is seen on over 7,600 screens, delivering more than 50 million impressions per month. The network reaches more than 2 million young, affluent and educated viewers everyday and has become an integral part of many leading advertisers’ marketing mix. Headquartered in Massachusetts with offices throughout North America, Captivate Network is a Gannett company.


channel m

Channel M
Channel M is the largest provider of out-of-home video in North America.  Channel M produces award winning and cutting edge video content that engages and entertains each demographic specific to our retail and lifestyle venues.  Our growing network of channels provides marketers the opportunity to reach a variety of demographics with in-store video advertising, in-store signage, product integration and national promotions. Channel M provides custom video content to 20,000 retail locations and offers marketers advertising access to 7,000 locations with over 85 million in monthly traffic.  We are experts at reaching consumers at the point of purchase in retail and lifestyle venues. 

                Channel M’s in-store video programming was recently awarded the “Display of the Year” award for digital signage at the “2007 Outstanding Merchandising Awards”.  Channel M has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Detroit, Seattle, Minneapolis and Dallas and is a founding member of the “Out of Home Video Advertising Bureau”.   For more information, visit


club com

ClubCom is the worldís leading provider of entertainment and media products and services for commercial fitness and bowling centres. ClubCom provides comprehensive media solutions including customised digital media networks and proprietary interactive entertainment systems. ClubCom operates over 1,000 private digital media networks and has installed interactive entertainment systems in over 14,000 locations throughout world. ClubComís media networks currently broadcast across four continents and entertain over 30 million monthly viewers for an average of 81.6 minutes per viewer. According to a report by Nielsenís Media Research Group, the ClubCom audience has an average household income of $95,900 and an advertisement recall of 63%. In addition, over 80% of ClubComís viewers expressed that the ClubCom network makes working out more enjoyable. The ClubCom network has been leveraged by leading advertising agencies throughout the world to deliver to their clients a highly qualified, hard-to-reach audience.



PRN, Premier Retail Networks
Founded in 1992, Premier Retail Networks is the world’s leading television network at retail. PRN partners with retailers and advertisers to create the storewide television and interactive network that builds brand equity, customer satisfaction, and shopper loyalty. Our programming is shown in over 6,800 stores…and our retail partners include Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City, SAM’S CLUB, Costco, ShopRite, Pathmark, Shaw’s, Jewel-Osco, ACME, and Albertsons. Our broadcast television and interactive network delivers over 290 million viewers each month. PRN is now part of the Technicolor service offering ( from Thomson, with corporate offices located in San Francisco, California. To learn more about our company, visit


the wall street journal office network

 OMN,  Inc.
OMN, Inc. has partnered with Dow Jones & Company to create and distribute The Wall Street Journal Office Network (WSJON). WSJON is an office building-based digital media and events marketing platform in the nation’s top DMAs.  The media network exists of flat panel LCD screens (40″-50″) positioned in the lobbies, elevator banks and common areas of premiere commercial office properties.  News updates from The Journal are displayed in HD throughout the business day, from 6am to 9pm.  The combination of location-based media and events, targets a unique level of integration to this affluent, hard-to-reach demographic.



Reactrix Systems,  Inc.
Reactrix is the leading interactive out-of-home advertising and entertainment media company.  The Reactrix Media Network helps brands elevate the effectiveness of their media plan, delivering more than 90 million impressions monthly.  Reactrix’ large format interactive displays are located in more than 175 high traffic malls, theatres and other public spaces across the U.S., with heavy concentration in the top 20 TV markets nationwide. 

               The unique Reactrix advertising and entertainment experience leads to unsurpassed media effectiveness, made possible by proprietary reactive technology that projects vivid branded messages onto 6-foot by 8-foot surfaces. Images instantly respond to movement or gestures, creating a participatory media experience that allows brands to “come alive” and invites people to interact with them.  To see a short video of Reactrix interactive place based advertising in action, go to and click on “View Our Reel.”

               Reactrix advertisers span a diverse range of leading brands including Coca-Cola, Clorox, Hilton, CBS, Sprint, Universal Studios, Visa, Wells Fargo, 1800FLOWERS.COM and many others; along with a fast-growing group of emerging brands.


simon brand ventures

Simon Brand Ventures (SBV)
Simon Brand Ventures (SBV), Simon’s business-to-consumer arm, has pioneered the transformation of shopping malls into a medium where consumer brands can build one-on-one relationships with shoppers who make approximately 2.4 billion visits to Simon malls each year. Simon’s vast franchise of market-leading shopping centres nationwide provides SBV the foundation to monetise the distribution system through numerous consumer ventures.  SBV has engaged in a number of consumer business initiatives, including the Simon Giftcard®, launch of Simon platform programs such as Simon Kidgits Club®, Simon Super Chefs Live!®, Simon DTour Live®, and Simon Evening of Giving®; a national media delivery channel including static, digital and experiential marketing and advertising vehicles.  SBV’s digital media platform includes OnSpot, the first national mall-based digital network, and an emerging network of spectacular digital marquees at the main entrances to its properties.  SBV also has multiple national and local marketing alliances with Coca-Cola, Visa U.S.A. and Cingular Wireless, among others.


the hotel networks

The Hotel Networks
The Hotel Networks is a national, ad-supported, Nielsen-metered Television media company. THN delivers a Superblock(tm) of high profile national cable networks (Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, Weather Channel, National Geographic, History Channel, CourtTV, Biography, A&E, Versus) into over 350,000 upscale and business class hotel rooms across the US. THN controls 100% of the national and local ad avails across the Superblock(tm) which generates over 125 million impressions per month. With an average age of 44 and average HHI of $101,644, THN’s audience is the most desirable consumers. In addition to the Superblock, THN also gives marketers an entrée into a proven, measurable national Video on Demand platform in 600,000 upscale hotel rooms with the OnCommand interactive TV entertainment system in a section called FreeViews. Marketers can place their long form videos in FreeViews for guests to opt-in on their own time. Since its early 2006 premiere, FreeViews has generated over 42,000 hours of view time by our upscale hotel guests. THN delivers a wide variety of solutions for marketers to fully realise the power of engaging their best customers and prospects in the comfortable and distraction free environment of upscale hotel rooms.

For  more information visit


transit television network

Transit TV
Transit TV generates 11 million weekly impressions through its network of 8750 television screens on 4000 transit vehicles across Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando and Milwaukee. Transit TV is the largest broadcast network specifically targeting transit riders across North America. Transit TV enhances riders’ journeys, provides Transit agencies with an additional revenue source and enables advertisers to reach a previously untapped, young, vibrant audience.

               Transit TV is a wholly owned subsidiary of Torstar Corporation, Toronto, Canada. Torstar Corporation is a broadly based media company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TS.B).

               For  more information visit


Gas Station TV

Gas Station TV
Gas Station TV is an IP-based digital television network at the pump. Captive consumers are engaged for 4 minutes during their pump transaction with nothing to do. There is only one channel, no remote controls, TiVo or PC multitasking. GSTV provides a programming experience with content from the ABC Television Network, as well as local news, weather, traffic, and sports to engage users and enable marketers to connect with mobile consumers like no other media. The content, programmed for a highly desirable and captive audience, can be specifically tailored to geography and time of day.

Currently on over 1,000 screens in multiple top 10 markets, Gas Station TV will be on over 6,000 screens at leading gas retailers in 11 of the Top 12 DMA’s in 2007. This rollout enables advertisers exciting opportunities in a national footprint as well as in key individual media markets. GSTV is a proven tool for driving business for advertisers and increasing the revenue stream for participating gas retailers.

                               For  more information visit



BroadSign International Inc. is the worldwide provider of the most advanced ASP solution for managing digital signage networks. The BroadSign™ Suite is used to operate large digital signage networks, manage media space inventory and execute campaigns. The BroadSign™ Suite resolves the challenges facing operators of digital signage networks: the need for full campaign execution functionality, accountability and scalability. It enables media specialists to target, sell or purchase network airtime and account for campaign performance. Network operators can focus on their business and outsource the infrastructure to BroadSign for an affordable monthly fee. BroadSign combines extensive expertise in digital signage software, media, advertising, and information technology. The BroadSign™ Suite is used by digital signage networks in 25 countries. The company’s corporate office is located in Eagle, Idaho.

                               For  more information visit


Medical Media TV

Medical Media TV
Medical Media Television Inc. delivers advertiser-supported educational programming to millions of consumers through pediatrician and veterinarian offices throughout North America. Three divisions, PetCARE TV, KidCARE TV, and the African American Medical Network, broadcast short informational segments interspersed with relevant advertising at point of care, educating viewers on pertinent healthcare issues and encouraging viewer/physician discussion during the examination.

Patients wait an average of 26 minutes in the reception area before an exam, and doctors are increasingly concerned about providing reliable and valuable information to pass the time. Medical Media Television Inc. bridges the gap of wait time using new digital media. PetCARE TV offers direct-to-consumer television programming to nearly 2,000 subscribing veterinary hospitals and clinics. KidCARE TV will reach an audience of 1.5 million parent viewers in 2007 and 4.5 million in 2008. The primary target of KidCARE TV is the 60,000 members of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Subscribing practices receive the most up-to-date content and accountability via streaming broadband, thus advertisers can target their niche market anytime of the day, at any given location. The three divisions also produce educational DVDs for doctors to give patients for at-home viewing, providing an intimate one-on-one relationship with a captive audience to develop brand awareness.

                               For  more information visit


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