Chevrolet's World Series MVP Presentation Got Very Awkward

Madison Bumgarner was named the World Series Most Valuable Player and deservedly so. Unfortunately for everybody involved, the trophy presentation turned into 60 seconds of painfully awkward television as a Chevrolet spokesman fumbled through his presentation.

Each year, the winner of the MVP trophy is also presented with a vehicle. It is a nice prize for the player, but it is also a way for Major League Baseball to generate a little extra revenue by partnering with Chevrolet.

In turn, a Chevrolet spokesman gets to present the keys and say a few words promoting this year’s vehicle, the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. That’s when things got awkward.

This year’s spokesman, whom social media has dubbed “Chevy Guy,” appeared to be out of breath, possibly from having to hurry down to the locker room. He forgot his lines several times, at one point saying the truck “combines class winning and leading, um, you know, technology and stuff” (0:40 mark).

The intersection of sports and product promotion has been around for a long time and the line between the two is becoming blurrier all the time. But this is a perfect example of how it doesn’t always work.

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