VIDEO: Argentine Singer Butchers The Australian National Anthem In Wallabies Game, Making Up The Words

Tenor Marcelo Zelada sang the Australian national anthem at the Rugby Championship match between the Wallabies and Argentina yesterday and his performance was an omen for the Wallabies game ahead, it seems.

Zelada started well, nailing the opening line before the lyrics escaped him and he simply made up and mumbled the rest, occasionally belting out, with great gusto, the few lines he did remember – such as “beauty rich and rare”, but “we are young and free” became “we are lert azee” before “wealth for toils and wealth for soils”. Even “advance Australia fare!’ to finish eluded Zelada.

Translators at Fox Sports translated Zelada and Business Insider suspects that the singer was actually passing on secret line out codes to the Pumas. Here’s what the Fox guys think was said:

Australians all let us rejoice, for we are lert azee

Or wealth and toils and wealth for soils,

Worth goyz wingart ahn sea.

Our land a-bunnies naychell giff

Or beauty rich and rare

His heath will pays, or letters days

Other vance Australia fair

In joyful water, let us sing

A strawn house, aylia fen

The bearded Wallabies could only grin with bemusement, doing their best to right the wrongs with their own singing before Fox Sports commentator Greg Clark concluded “Well that’s an interesting take on Advance Australia Fair.”

Things only got worse for the Wallabies, who gave the Pumas their first Rugby Championships win with a shock 21-17 victory over Australia.

There were some unfortunate moments in the game, including when Wallabies five-eighth Bernard Foley was kicking a penalty goal attempt late in the second half to give his side the lead, only to have green lasers shone in his eyes. He missed the otherwise easy shot from 25m out and Argentina kicked their own penalty just a few minutes later.

Our land a-bunnies naychell giff.

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