VIDEO: A wallaby hopped across the Sydney Harbour Bridge at dawn

A policeman approaches the wallaby about not paying the toll when crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Source: screenshot

Motorists on the Sydney Harbour Bridge early this morning were startled to see a pedestrian hopping south across the eight-lane bridge when a rock wallaby decided to head to the CBD without getting its feet wet.

NSW police say they received a call for assistance around 5am after the wallaby was spotted in lane eight on the northern side of the bridge.

The wallaby is believed to have come from the Cammeray golf course, 3km to the north of the bridge, making its way down the Bradfield Highway before ending up on the bridge.

Police say traffic controllers monitored the wallaby as it hopped across to lane one and then, “without indicating, exited onto Cahill Expressway then to Macquarie Street”.


The marsupial was finally detained near the Conservatorium of Music, having almost made it into the Royal Botanic Gardens, by police, with the Police Mounted Unit using a horse float to take the animal to Taronga Zoo for examination.

Wallabies are often spotted in national parks around Sydney Harbour, but rarely stray from dense bushland. But the next time a tourist asks if there really are kangaroos hopping down the main street, Australians will be able to to honestly say “yes”.

Here’s the police footage of the wayward macropod as it crossed the bridge.

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