VIDEO: AeroMobil plans to release this commercially viable flying car by 2017

AeroMobil flying car v3.0. Photo: AeroMobil

AeroMobil is hoping to release the first two-seater model flying car, complete with emergency parachute, in the next two years.

The Slovakian-based aeronautical automotive company’s chief executive Juraj Vaculik told SXSW attendees that the first prototype works and while Aeromobil is still experimenting with different engines, crash testing will begin soon.

The Verge reports the most work still to be completed revolves around adding the basic safety components necessary for the operation of a car and an airplane.

Vaculik says the realisation of this project is a dream 25 years in the making and something that will benefit future commuters greatly.

“We need another revolution, we need a revolution in personal transportation,” he said.

Vaculik says the new model, the third iteration, should be able to take off and land from grass strips, not just airport runways. He also says drivers will need to hold a certified pilot’s licence to operate the vehicle.

While the first models will likely target “wealthy supercar buyers” and cost a “couple of hundred thousand” euro, Vaculik envisions a more affordable vehicle to eventually be made available and even hinted at the potential for a fully autonomous (self-driving) 4-seater flying car.

Check out AeroMobil’s prototype vehicle below.

Photo: AeroMobil
Photo: AeroMobil
Photo: AeroMobil
Photo: AeroMobil
Photo: AeroMobil
Photo: AeroMobil

Here’s the video:

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