An Idiot Yankees Fan Threw A Cup At A Twins Player During The Game-Winning Play

With the Minnesota Twins holding a one-run lead over the New York Yankees with two outs in the ninth inning, Mark Teixeira hit a deep flyball that had some momentarily believing that the Yankees had tied the game.

But as Clete Thomas settled under the ball on the warning track, and it became apparent that Teixeira had come up short, one fan tried to take matters into his own hands by throwing a cup at Thomas.

Thankfully the cup missed. But if it had hit Thomas and he dropped the ball, you can only image the kerfuffle that it would have caused. This type of thing is seen regularly during European sporting events. But thankfully, most fans here in the U.S. are more well-behaved.

Here’s the clip (via YES and Fox Sports)…


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