VIDEO: A team of vigilantes who want to #stoptheknot are secretly cutting off hipsters' hair dos

The top-knot. Screenshot: TheGentlemansCove/ YouTube.

If you live in an area populated by hipsters you will have seen the male “top-knot” hairstyle that it currently in fashion – it’s often paired with an overgrown beard.

Well, not everyone is happy about the new trend.

In fact two South African vigilantes, known on YouTube as Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues, are so against the style that they are finding men with the hair do and are simply cutting it off – much to the unsuspecting hipsters surprise.

“DW&TSB have had enough of the douchey ‘top knot’ hairstyle that has suddenly sprouted up out of nowhere,” the duo’s YouTube account reads.

“It’s not even a bun! It’s tiny, it looks like you’re balancing a rubber band on your head,” they add in the video.

Once the men have cut the top-knots off them collect them in a jar, then let them free into the sea. It’s really quite hilarious.

See it for yourself.

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