VIDEO: A Strange Flutter Generator Strapped To The Roof Of A Car Producing Useable Power

A flutter-driven triboelectric generator strapped to the roof of a car.

A generator which can be strapped to the roof of a car and converts air flow to useable power has been developed by Korean and US scientists.

The power is generated from the fluttering motion of a flag-like structure, according to details published in the journal Nature Communications.

The flutter-driven Triboelectric generator is based on the principle of charge transfer when two materials are rubbed together, similar to when a balloon is rubbed against clothing and then sticks to a wall.

Jong-Jin Park of Chonam National University, Korea, and colleagues develop a triboelectric device which uses wind to drive the fluttering motion of a flexible textile material against a rigid plate, obtaining an voltage suitable for powering electronic devices.

A generator generator measuring 7.5 cms by 5 cms with a wind speed of 15 metres per second can give an an instantaneous output voltage of 200 volts.

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