VIDEO: A sperm whale being attacked by white pointer sharks off Coffs Harbour

A screen shot from Brett Vercoe’s footage.

Australian scuba diver Brett Vercoe captured footage of a dead sperm whale being eaten by huge sharks off Coffs Harour in New South Wales.

He was with his wife in a boat last week when he spotted the whale carcass.

“A dead adult sperm whale washed in from off the Continental shelf and brought with it a host of large predators including three white pointers up to 4.5 metres in length and two tiger sharks up to 4.2 metres long,” Vercoe says.

Here’s his footage:

“I spent 3 hours watching as the sharks leisurely took advantage of this abundant food source,” Vercoe says.

“The next morning it washed up on Campbells Beach and was buried precariously close to the waters edge where it will take years to slowly decompose – all the while leaching rotting whale scent into the nearby waters.”

There have been a number of shark incidents in NSW in the last week.

It’s unlikely that the sharks had anything to do with the sperm whale’s death.

Sperm whales, which can grow to 15-20-metres-long and weigh 40 tonnes, are rarely seen close to shore. They are deep diving whales and usually hunt along the edge of continental shelf for giant squid.

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