VIDEO: A huge tornado brushed Rome, killing at least two people

Giant cracks appeared in the the Monte Vettore after an earthquake hit central Italy in October. Picture: Getty Images

A huge tornado struck just outside Italy’s capital city Rome, killing at least two people.

Video footage of the twister started appearing on social media this morning:

It hit the coastal town of Ladispoli, 35km west of the centre of Rome. The capital city was also affected, with streets closed due to fallen tree branches and flooding.

It has been a torrid time in terms of weather for the country in the past fortnight. Central Italy was struck by two strong earthquakes late last month. One, which left thousands homeless, was the strongest to hit the country since the November 1980 disaster which saw 2500 lose their lives in southern Italy.

Coupled with the Amatrice quake in August, which left 280 dead, scientists say a potentially devastating quake could be building.

Late last week, incredible footage emerged of a waterspout striking Positano on the Amalfi coast:

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