VIDEO: A great white shark lunges at two jet skiers in Queensland

Photo: Libby Williams/ Facebook.

Two jet skiers in Queensland narrowly avoided a shark attack after a great white lunged at them.

Libby Williams was jet skiing with another person off Fraser Island in southern Queensland when they slowed down after noticing the shark swimming nearby.

But in their attempt to get a close-up, the pair dodged an unexpected attack from the five-metre long shark which suddenly bit the jet ski, just missing William’s leg.

“I literally had to move my leg so it didn’t get mauled,” said Williams said in a Facebook post who filmed the incident from her GoPro.

Williams also said: “But notice the lack of screams? I think I must have been too scared”.

The video has been viewed more than 6,000 times since it was posted a week ago with some viewers saying the incident was “a bit too close for comfort” while others commented that it looked “terrifying but so cool”.

The great white shark is an internationally protected species and is currently listed as vulnerable in Australia.

You can watch the close call here.

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