VIDEO: A giant wedge-tailed eagle nailed this drone in mid-flight

This is the last thing a small bird sees when an eagle decides it’s dinner time.

Adam Lancaster and his brother were out filming drone footage at Skye, south east Melbourne, when a large wedge-tailed eagle leapt from a tree branch and made a mad dash for the whirring unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

“It [the eagle] was curious and came and circled us… then disappeared,” Lancaster told Business Insider.

“Then he came back and landed in the tree. We hovered to video… then it happened,” he says.

“It wasn’t immediately clear he was headed to take us out and it all happened really quickly.”

Lancaster says the bird was fine and it hung around long enough for them to make sure it wasn’t visibly injured.

Unfortunately the drone didn’t come away unscathed. The boys are looking at a $200 repair bill.

His advice? “If you see a bird of prey while flying — land,” Lancaster says.

Here’s footage of the brutal attack.

You can find more of Lancaster’s drone videos on his website.

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