VIDEO: A driver’s incredibly close call with a jacknifing semi-trailer

Screenshot: Dash Cam Owners Australia.

A women is lucky to be alive after having a close call with an out of control semi-trailer in Carlisle River, Victoria.

The female driver had pulled her car over to the side of the road after driving over a fallen tree.

The dashcam owner, also in a semi-trailer, pulled over to see if she was OK.

Seconds later another semi-trailer, speeding around the bend in the road, jackknifes when it sees the tree and the others.

While the footage is intense, the semi-trailer only collides with the woman’s car, and the pair escape uninjured.

“The lady miraculously escaped uninjured although her car was badly damaged,” said Dash Cam Owners Australia, which updated the video to YouTube.

See the close call here.

*Warning: some NSFW language used.