VIDEO: A diver survives the terrifying moment a great white shark thinks he could be lunch

South African diver Johan Potgieter survived an encounter with a great white while diving recently.

Let’s not call it an “attack”, as that upsets a lot of people. But while Potgieter was 19 metres under the water near Skipskop reefs off Cape Town, he was looking the other way when this happened:

Clearly, he wasn’t expecting it, but managed to shove his spear towards the shark.

At that stage, you could say the great white was just checking him out.

But then it turned and charged:

Potgieter possibly saved his own life by giving it a good poke. When the shark bolted, he made for the surface.

The truly scary bit comes when Potgieter, having surfaced, makes a quick check underneath to see if he’s all-clear:


Here’s the full video, including a tense swim back to the boat:

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