VIDEO: A Dangerous Contest In Antarctic Waters Between Japan Whalers And Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd launched small boats to protect The Bob Barker.

A new video shows in more detail the latest high seas tactics by the Japan whaling fleet against anti-whaling activists in the Antarctic.

The Japan harpoon ship radioed The Bob Barker, one of three Sea Shepherd vessels in the Ross Sea:

“Immediately alter course and keep a safety distance. As a security measure I will start towing 150 metres warning buoy astern.”

The Bob Barker replied that what the Japanese were doing was illegal and that it placed lives in danger.

There are nine Australians and one New Zealanders on board.

What followed was a six hour contest.

Th harpoon ships The Yushin Maru and Yushin Maru No. 3 crossed the bow of The Bob Barker 33 times dragging steel cable in an attempt to disable the conservation ship’s propellers and rudders.

Sea Shepherd says the tactic was to stop The Bob Barker blocking the factory ship, Nisshin Maru, from loading harpooned Minke whales.

At last report, the Sea Shepherd ships, The Steve Irwin and The Sam Simon, were still shadowing the factory ship.

Here is the video:

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