VIDEO: A couple of Aussies caught a fish with a whole snake in its mouth

Screenshot: YouTube.

Two Australian fishermen hooked more than they’d bargained for while fishing around Melville Island in the Northern Territory.

After pulling in their catch they noticed something was off. The cod they had caught had an entire snake in its mouth.

“This is a cod and it’s got a snake in its mouth,” one of the fishermen says in their video posted to YouTube by Caters Clips.

“This is what you get when you’re a wild man in the top of Australia.

“And this bloke is a wild man ‘cos he’s pulling a snake out of a fish’s mouth.

“He’s just eaten it! Ain’t that incredible?”

The men remove the lure and pull the snake from the cod’s mouth before releasing both animals.

“Unbelievable. Only in the Territory.”

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