VIDEO: A chef shows you how to make 'drunk man's dinner' -- aka the perfect cheese toastie

Chef Gregory Llewellyn from Hartsyard. Source: supplied

US-born chef Gregory Llewellyn rocked up in Sydney several years ago, lured here by Naomi Hart, the Australian he met and married there.

Together they opened Hartsyard in Newtown in 2012, a sort of American diner meets small bar serving up deliciously naughty dishes like oyster po’ boy, smoked lamb ribs, buttermilk fried chicken and a standout version of Canada’s insane chips, gravy and cheese combo, poutine. It’s food for when you’ve hit the bar hard, or want to.

With that in mind, Llewellyn recently created a dish you can replicate at home, which he’s dubbed “drunk man’s dinner” – a “inside-out” cheese toastie with five different cheeses as well as cheese on the outside.

Here’s how you make it (warning, he talks like a chef, using the occasional NSFW language):

Of course if you’re still not inspired to cook, head to Hartsyard for dinner. It’s open Wednesday to Sunday at 33 Enmore Road, Newtown.

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