A Bunch Of Confused, Listless Muppets Marched On Goldman Sachs' HQ This Morning

The Muppets took Manhattan today, and marched to Goldman Sachs.

Artist Joey Skaggs led a group of protesters dressed as Muppets on a March through lower Manhattan today according to the Times Union. They were advocating SkaggsMobile Homeless Homes” prototype as a “temporary solution” for those who have lost their homes and are on the street. 

The small party lethargically sang songs and danced passed Goldman Sachs’ headquarters at 200 West St. while police and security looked on.

Their tune was an original song titled “Mobile Homeless Blues.”

Here are a sample of the lyrics:

We’re mobile homeless
You got your bonus
That don’t seem too fair to me
We’re mobile homeless
You got your bonus
It’s all in the name of greed

The whole thing just looks kinda weird.

Check out the video below, courtesy of CNBC:

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