VIDEO: 70 huge tiger sharks in a feeding frenzy off Western Australia

Tiger sharks feast on a dead whale. Photo: Eco Abrolhos

The World Heritage-listed Shark Bay area lived up to its name for passengers aboard the boutique cruise ship Eco Abrolhos over the weekend, when they were four days into a fortnightly cruise between Geraldton to Broome in northern Western Australia.

The ship pulled into a bay at Steep Point, near Dirk Hartog Island, on Friday and discovered around 70 tiger sharks feasting on the carcass of a dead humpback whale.

The charter company, which does regular trips through the region, sent up a drone with a GoPro to capture the drama and beauty of the moment – not to mention the somewhat scary perspective of passengers from the Eco Abrolhos in two tenders from the mother ship, surrounded by the large sharks, which can weigh up to 500kg.

Watch what happened below:

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