This 6-Year-Old Has 10 Ultra-Conservative Problems With Obama

This video of a six-year-old reciting 10 Tea Party-esque criticisms of Obama just popped up on the Web and we’re still trying to wrap our heads around it.

According to the video’s description on The Patriot Update, the boy in the video is Isaac Anthony, a “conservative six-year-old who knows where he stands on political issues and the upcoming Presidential election.”

Among Isaac’s complaints against the President is that he “lets bad guys into our country” and “bows down to leaders from other countries.”

To give some context to the video, The Patriot Update touts itself as “a free press for the Conservative revolution.” Recent articles on the site include “US Main Stream News Agencies Are Controlled By Communists” and “Chick-Fil-A Attacks: The Hypocrisy of Left Wing Bullies.”

Seems like there is a trend going around of using cute little kids to attack Obama.

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