VIDEO: 3D printing allows this blind mum to feel her unborn son during an ultrasound

Picture: Huggies/YouTube

Your feelgood video of the day is literally just that.

Huggies Brazil commissioned this wonderful story of expectant mum, Tatiana Guerra. She’s 30 years old, 20 weeks pregnant and she lost her sight at 17.

That means she’s been robbed of a very special moment between parents and their unborn child – the moment they first lay eyes on each other via the miracle of ultrasound.

So Huggies enlisted the aid of another modern miracle, 3D printing, to give Tatiana a very special surprise. Here’s how it went.

The doctor asks Tatiana what she thought her little boy looked like:

Picture: Huggies/YouTube

Meanwhile, a 3D printing mobile station was fired up in another room by staff from 3D printing firm The Goodfellas:

Picture: Huggies/YouTube

And, “15 minutes later…”

Here’s Murilo.

Picture: Huggies/YouTube

Huggies Brazil worked with ad agency Mood on the project. If they wanted to create something heartfelt and shareable, they got their money’s worth.

Here’s the full video:

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