Victoria's Secret Used Kate Upton's Old Pictures Without Telling Her And She Is Furious

Kate UptonKate Upton

Yesterday, we noted how weird it was that Kate Upton would model for Victoria’s Secret after the company’s casting director had bad-mouthed the model, calling her “too obvious,” and looking too much like a “footballer’s wife.”

Today, the truth surfaced.

In spite of her image being used in the latest Victoria’s Secret catalogue, Upton has not¬†resurrected her relationship with the lingerie brand. Nor is she becoming its next Angel.

As The New York Post reports, the photo in question was not a recent one.¬†The image of Upton showcasing the brand’s Body bra in the catalogue was taken during a previous shoot, when Upton was modelling for Victoria’s Secret in 2011.

To add insult to injury, a source for the Post confirmed that “VS never gave her a heads-up they were using the pictures now.”

“Kate’s not currently contracted to work with Victoria’s Secret,” the source added.

Apparently, the blonde bombshell is furious. But it’s most likely that she is not entitled to take legal action.

Victoria’s Secret probably did a “buyout” of the images they took of the model in 2011, giving the brand unlimited use of the pictures.

That puts VS in the position of being able to criticise Upton at the same time as using her to sell its old stock.

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