An insanely popular Victoria's Secret swimsuit looks almost identical to one designed by a smaller company

Triangl swimwearTriangl Facebook PageTriangl suits have surged in popularity in the last year.

Victoria’s Secret is under fire for some of its most popular bathing suit styles.

Teens on social media are accusing the lingerie and swimwear company of ripping off its newest designs from a smaller swimwear brand called Triangl.

Triangl was launched in 2012 in Australia and has since taken off, gaining a massive following worldwide. 

Triangl is unique in that its suits are all neoprene, a soft, thin, rubber-like material that is waterproof. There are only 12 styles currently on the website. 

Triangl has gained a massive following on Instagram since its launch, with 2.6 million followers to date. It’s also drawn attention from teens, models, and celebrities.

Fans of the brand were quick to call out Victoria’s Secret for similarities in suits it has advertised heavily this season.

Check out each brand’s styles:

They appear almost identical aside from the colour blocking and straps. The major difference between the bathing suits? Price.

Victoria’s Secret offers this bathing suit for about $US65, while Triangl’s swimsuit retails for $US89.

The black piping is an essential element in Triangl’s signature designs.

Users on Twitter were quick to comment on the situation. Some expressed their devotion to Triangl, others found humour in the situation, and many were swayed to Victoria’s Secret’s suits by their price. 

We’ve reached out to Victoria’s Secret and will update when we hear back.

Victoria’s Secret and Triangl have yet to comment on the arguable similarities.

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