Victoria's Secret models have a private pizza party after the fashion show every year

Candice swanepoel pizzaInstagram/angelcandicesCandice Swanepoel eating pizza (but not at the exclusive party).

After they toil and labour to get into ridiculous shape for the iconic annual fashion show, Victoria’s Secret models indulge in a party staple — pizza!

Last year, Karlie Kloss told InStyle that after the show closes, the models immediately chow down.

“We go devour pizza at the after party,” she said.

“That’s what I do, anyways! Because I push myself to sort of just try and feel as strong and as confident as I can out on the runway, so I generally am working out even more than usual and my appetite is even more than usual.”

Incredulous about this?

Don’t be — Victoria’s Secret runway vet Lindsay Ellingson confirmed it is, in fact, true.

Lindsay Ellingson Victoria's Secret 2014Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty ImagesModel Lindsay Ellingson.

“Every year there is a pizza party,” Ellingson said to Business Insider.

“It’s fun. We all get out of our party dresses, we get jeans on, t-shirts, and just dance and have pizza and just have the best time ever, because we all work so hard to get in the best shape of our lives. And that doesn’t necessarily mean slim — getting toned and curvy for me. I always wanted to get toned so that I have a beautiful hourglass shape so that [I] feel great and … sexy in lingerie … you want to set a good example when you’re out there in lingerie.”

Just don’t bank on getting an invite to the party.

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