Victoria's Secret Is Opening In China -- But Not To Sell Lingerie

Victoria’s Secret is launching in China — but don’t expect any bras and panties at its stores.

The retailer is opening “VSBA” stores that sell beauty products and accessories, reports Lily Kuo at Quartz.

While they won’t initially sell lingerie, the stores could be a step towards entering that market, Kuo writes.

“… the entrance of one of the most iconic lingerie brand marks another stage in China’s transformation from the world’s low-cost garment manufacturer into a consumer in the premium clothing sector,” Kuo writes. “Selling lingerie to China’s growing middle class is likely Victoria’s Secret’s end goal.”

The Chinese market will likely take more research to crack.

In 2012, La Perla lingerie executive Tim Brasher told Jing Daily Chinese women have a more functional attitude toward lingerie than American or European women.

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