Victoria's Secret Eats Humble Pie And Re-Hires Kate Upton

Kate Upton for Victoria's SecretKate Upton modelling on the back cover of Victoria’s Secret’s new catalogue.

She’s “too obvious,” “too blonde” and has the “kind of face that anyone with enough money can go out and buy.”

That’s what Victoria’s Secret casting director Sophia Neophitou, said of Kate Upton in an interview with the New York Times last year, claiming the underwear brand “would never use [her].”

This year, however, the lingerie company seems to have changed its tune regarding the conventionally appealing swimsuit star and have put Upton in its latest catalogue. She models the brand’s best-selling black Body bra. 

It is not surprising that Victoria’s Secret have “had to rethink their opinion on the model.” After all, as the New York Post reports, Upton’s popularity has tripled over the past year.

The lingerie giant previously hired Upton to model the brand’s pajamas in 2011. Take a look below.

Victoria’s Secret catalogHere’s Upton’s appearance in this year’s Victoria Secret catalogue:

Victoria’s Secret

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