Some Victoria's Secret bras have a weird defect -- and customers are furious

Victoria’s Secret’s bras are a frequent subject of controversy. 

The company has been criticised for selling customers bras that don’t fit properly.

Now, a customer is saying that her push-up bra from Victoria’s Secret started leaking. 

It “mysteriously ruined my shirt” BuzzFeed writer Kirsten King wrote, documenting the entire experience for readers. 

She noticed stains on her shirt and then cut open the bra to find out what she called a “liquid sack” inside…and the bra “literally poured out liquid.”

She did, however, note that it was an old bra (so this may not be true for the bras on the market right now, though it serves as a warning for people with old Victoria’s Secret bras).

Victoria’s Secret didn’t immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment. 

Other people have noticed this strange effect, too.

King points to a Reddit forum in which a girl complained that she took a nap in a PINK bra and woke up soaked in oil.

And in 2014, fitness guru Jillian Michaels took to Facebook to document her traumatic experience with a Victoria’s Secret bra.

“Um… Does anyone else know that the Victoria Secret “sexy bra” has liquid padding…That can spontaneously burst?” Michaels wrote. “I was fortunate enough to discover this in the middle of an interview.”

For the full story on BuzzFeed, click here.

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