Victorian Zoo Biologist Likens New Bandicoot Mating Program To Tinder

The Eastern Barred Bandicoot/

The eastern barred bandicoot is on the verge of extinction.

Zoo biologists answer – “Tinder for bandicoots.”

Not as complex as it sounds (no they haven’t developed social media for marsupials) the new program being rolled out in Werribee Open Plains Zoo simply lets the animals choose their own mates.

Rather than pairing two bandicoots together and hoping they mate, the method used in traditional programs, Werribee says their program reflects the natural way of life in the wild.

“The females, instead of looking at pictures, are going through, sniffing out the best scents and choosing who’s best for them and that’s a great thing for our breeding program,” says Zoos Victoria reproductive biologist Dr Marissa Parrott.

The eastern barred bandicoot is an important part of the ecosystem parts of Tasmania, without which could become out of kilter, so everyone at the zoo has their fingers crossed these bandicoots find love, or at least lust.

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