Victorian premier Daniel Andrews just showed off his stash

Victoria’s budding medicinal cannabis crop. Source: Twitter/@danielandrewsmp

There’s a race on between Victoria’s Labor premier Daniel Andrews and the Liberal boss of NSW, Mike Baird, over medicinal cannabis.

This week Baird revealed NSW had applied to the federal government to be the first state allowed to grow marijuana for medicinal use.

Today, Victorian leader Daniel Andrews took to social media, to show he’s already got a crop under way.

The marijuana was planted in April and will be ready for harvest in July.

The government is introducing medicinal cannabis for children with serious illnesses next year.

After his Twitter post, Victoria’s agriculture minister, Jaala Pulford, revealed a surprisingly in-depth knowledge of the drug, tweeting the following:

And when someone asked on his Facebook page “Do the testing staff get a huge meal allowance for shifts?”, Andrews replied: “Nice try – but the only testing happening to this crop is DNA sampling.”

A study by the University of Sydney Business School estimates the medicinal cannabis industry in Australia could be worth more than $100 million per year.

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