Victorian police rescued, then resuscitated a kangaroo drowning in the surf

ScreenshotThe kangaroo in trouble in the surf on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula.

A kangaroo that got into trouble in the surf at Rosebud on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula on the weekend has been saved by police, who rescued the drowning animal from the water unconscious, then gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to bring it back to life.

Victorian police say they were called to Safety Beach on Saturday by the public after the people saw the kangaroo in the water around 5pm. It had made it to shore and had been covered with a blanket and was being monitored when it jumped up and back into the surf.

But it got into difficulty in the swell and breaking waves and went under water a couple of times, so a local sergeant and senior sergeant who saw the animal was in trouble and jumped into the water to rescue it.

The animal was unconscious as the carried it from the surf, and then successfully resuscitated it, wrapped it in blankets once again and took it to Rosebud Police Station where carers from a local Wildlife Centre assessed it.

Police say the roo is still being cared for and now appears to be in good spirits, but is lucky to be alive given the amount of salt water he inhaled.

Here’s the footage police recorded of the rescue.

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