Victorian police faked 258,000 random breath tests to dupe the system

Liam McBurney/PA Images via Getty Images

Victorian police faked 258,000 random breath tests – 1.5% of 17.7 million tests conducted – in a suspected attempt to dupe the system to meet strict target numbers.

According to The Age, the tests were falsified over five and a half years.

The new head of Victoria Police’s Professional Standards Command, Assistant Commissioner Russell Barrett told The Age it was a breach of the community’s trust.

“It’s terrible behaviour when we’re the leader of road safety in the state,” he said.

Barrett said the Transport Accident Commission conducted an audit last year and found an anomoly in the data, who in turn raised the concerns to Victoria Police.

The time between each test seemed too short. Normally, there would be a brief pause between test times to allow police to talk to the driver, test them, wait for the result and for the car to leave before the process is repeated.

The problem occured in various areas in Victoria.

Police said that governance, new control policies and audit functions to support compliance and monitoring will be implemented immediately.

Technicians will also investigate how to “tamper-proof” the devices.

The Age has more.

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