Victoria wants to ban unvaccinated children from child care

Gold Coast Hospital believes in vaccinaiton, but handed out information by an organisation that believes the opposite. Photo by John Moore/Getty

The Victorian health and education departments have begun drafting laws to prevent unvaccinated children from attending childcare facilities.

Its “no jab, no play” policy will be introduced in 2016 if the legislation is passed.

Victoria follows New South Wales which introduced a similar scheme last January.

In NSW, children who aren’t vaccinated must have a special exemption certificate from a GP if they are to attend childcare.

“Not vaccinating a child puts them and other children at risk of dangerous diseases and illnesses,” said Health Minister Jill Hennessy, who hopes the policy will help educate parents of the risks of not vaccinating.

Immunisation is recently less than 90% in the state, below the 95% target.

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