Victoria Makes Raw Milk Undrinkable In New Laws Following A Child's Death

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Raw “bath’ milk has been banned in Victoria, with the state’s consumer affairs minister, Jane Garrett, moving swiftly to change the law following the death of a 3-year last month who drank raw it.

The raw milk from Mountain View Farm, was sold for “cosmetic purposes” and not for human consumption.

Four other children had also fallen ill drinking raw milk, the ABC reported.

The laws on the sale of raw milk, introduced today by Victorian government, mean “cosmetic” raw milk must either have bitter, gag-inducing additive to make it undrinkable or be pasteurised.

The Minister said she had to act.

Minister Garrett told the ABC she had no choice but to act quickly.

“We did need to act quickly because clearly, undrinkable milk was being sold in containers the same as drinkable milk, and clearly people have been drinking it,” she said.

“There’s been a lot of confusion about the capacity for humans to consume raw milk and its effects.

The law only applies in Victoria. NSW also sells raw “bath” milk in local stores next to drinking milk.

And while there are no penalties in Victoria, Garrett is looking to Australian Competition and Consumer Commission investigation into the sale of raw milk at a national level to decide what will happen next.

Raw milk for human consumption is illegal in Australia and only a Tasmanian cheesery has permission to make cheese from raw milk, despite the fact that many of the world’s most famous cheeses, including Parmesan, is made from it.

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