Victoria Is Going Ahead With Medical Marijuana Reform: Premier Says It’s ‘Undeniable’


Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says he hopes to have a bill to legalise medical marijuana put before the parliament before the end of next year.

Speaking on 3AW radio today, the new Premier said the Victorian Law Reform Commission would submit a report by the end of August 2015, to determine whether terminally and chronically ill individuals will be eligible to access medical marijuana for treatment.

“It is my hope to have the bills into Victorian parliament before the end of the year,” Andrews said.

“I think every now and then the community’s call for reform becomes one of those undeniable things.

“This is the right thing to do because we have to drag this law into the 21st century.”

Andrews said no parent or guardian should be forced into the “terrible position to save your child or obey the law”, as was the case with the mother of toddler Cooper Wallace.

Earlier this year, Victoria Police announced they would rein in investigations where children were given cannabis oil to treat serious illnesses.

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