Victoria Beckham Is Quietly Becoming A Global Force In Fashion

Victoria Beckham

Photo: S. Buckley/Shutterstock

Victoria Beckham is about to become a major name in fashion. Beckham is most recognised for her gig as The Spice Girls’ Posh Spice 15 years ago. She also has a high-profile marriage to soccer star David Beckham. 

But Beckham is on her way to global sartorial success. Her clothing lines are selling out at high-end department stores like Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, reports Rachel Brown at Women’s Wear Daily. Beckham sold about $12 million worth of clothing in 2011.  

The former pop star has built clientele by hosting private events in major cities. She doesn’t do a lot of press, and limits the number of garments she releases, which can run $1,500 and up.

The main complaint with Beckham’s clothing is that it runs out of stock quickly, a Neiman Marcus executive told WWD. 

Beckham, like Stella McCartney, focuses on providing slimming dresses to women in their 30’s and 40’s. Women at an event called her garments “lipo in a dress” and “almost magic.” 

Even though she’s popular with women in the U.S., Beckham’s true fan base is forming overseas in the Middle East and Asia, according to WWD

Many women there haven’t heard of her besides as a fashion designer. 

“You assume that everyone is going to think of that side of Victoria. That’s not the case. The Middle East is very much about as her as a designer. People never refer to her as Posh. The same is true in Hong Kong and China,” a Neiman executive told WWD. 

Like the Olsen twins, Jessica Simpson and Stella McCartney, Beckham is using her celebrity to build a global fashion brand. 

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