Victoria Beckham just beat Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein at their own game

This July, it will mark the 20th year since the Spice Girls unleashed “Wannabe” unto the universe, encouraging girls across the world to muster up “Girl Power” and don platform shoes.

While some of the women will forever be known for their tenure in the group, Victoria Beckham will likely be known for something else.

According to data collected by ListenFirst media, Victoria Beckham “won” New York Fashion Week with her February 14 show, beating out fashion and consumer mainstays like Michael Kors (#2), Tommy Hilfiger (#7), and Calvin Klein (#4). She even beat out retail and fashion’s biggest ego, Kanye West and his Yeezy line (#3).

This is because she amassed the most ‘engagement’ online on the day of her show. ListenFirst says she had a digital rating engagement of 1,337,169 on the day of her show, which is significantly more than anyone else on the list. (Michael Kors had a digital engagement rating of 864,913.)

ListenFirst says her success at New York Fashion Week and ability to hook people online was fuelled on several accounts — she has undeniable “celebrity star power” and a collective 21 million fans through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

ListenFirst also points to how she increased her posting during fashion week, and more specifically, the content she was posting was engaging, whether it was her time lapsed videos or her photo of her daughter, Harper.  (Beckham has the added bonus of her cute kids and her studly husband, David Beckham.)

It essentially gave consumers access to her world.

“The results from digital engagement surrounding New York Fashion Week are fascinating,” ListenFirst Co-CEO and Co-Founder Jason Klein said in a statement. “It shows yet again how social media in particular can bring something so exclusive to the masses. You no longer have to be front row to be engaged with these top designers.” 

But a brand’s social media prowess is a moot point unless the company has a product that consumers resonate with, and Victoria Beckham’s lines do. She’s gained respect, to the point that people think of her as a fashion designer before they think of her as a pop star.

“I’m never going to be ‘angry’ when people mention my past, I mean it is what it is … but people don’t mention the Spice Girls so much now,” Beckham said in an interview with LOVE magazine, via The Independent. “People do consider me a relevant fashion designer and the brand being incredibly relevant — and that’s great.”

Beckham hasn’t completely eschewed her past; she Instagrammed an old photo of her former bandmate, Emma “Baby Spice” Bunton on her birthday a few weeks ago.

The Independent pointed to how Beckham has dodged the traditional pop-star-to-fashion-designer trajectory largely because she learned from others who made more misguided attempts at making that transition, like Jennifer Lopez and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.

Plus, fashion has always been what she loves most. “It wasn’t until after the Spice Girls that I could really knuckle down and I was in a position to do what I really wanted to do,” she said, according to The Independent. “Which was fashion.”


Combine that with social media skills, and you have a fashion week winner.

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