Victoria and Queensland will join NSW in medical marijuana trials

David Ramos/Getty Images

Queensland and Victoria will join NSW in decriminalising cannabis for trials involving patients with epilepsy, end-of-life pain and chemotherapy-related nausea.

Last September the NSW government announced it would hold clinical trials of medical cannabis, committing $9 million over five years on three separate trials.

Victoria’s first trial will begin in mid-2016 with results expected in two-to-five years, and will involve between 60 and 200 participants.

Queensland is yet to work out the details of its trial and how much it will cost.

Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, discussed the trials with NSW premier Mike Baird on Friday, saying “This trial is about letting the experts do as much research as possible into this issue so that we can all get a clearer understanding of any clinical benefits medicinal cannabis can provide.”

Baird was swayed begin trials after learning about the plight of terminally ill 24-year-old cancer patient Dan Haslam, who used the drug. Read more about that here.

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