Russia's Hired Gun In Speed Skating Won His Second Gold Medal In Dramatic Fashion

Short track speed skater Victor An, also known as Viktor Ahn as well as Ahn Hyun-soo when he previously skated for South Korea, won his second gold medal of the Sochi Olympics and he needed to come from way behind to do it.

After a successful career in South Korea, An was given citizenship and was paid to compete in Russia and bring its speed skating to a world class level. However, at the beginning of the 500 meter event, it looked like An was going to blow it.

An got off to a terrible start in what is essentially a sprint event.

As a result, after just a half-lap he was well behind the leader.

With less than two laps remaining, An caught a break when one of the Chinese skaters fell giving An an opening to attack the leaders.

That’s when An showed his greatness. He went from third to first in less than a lap and in less than seven seconds.

From there An easily held off the other skaters and was unchallenged at the finish line.

It was An’s seventh career Olympic medal. He would win another gold medal later in the day, tying him with his former rival, Apolo Anton Ohno, as the most decorated short track speed skaters in Olympic history. However, An now has six gold medals, four more than Ohno, and the most ever in short track speed skating.

It looks like An was worth the investment.

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