Viacom: We Like Copyright Law -- And DailyMotion, Veoh

Viacom is still embroiled in a copyright lawsuit with Google over YouTube, but that doesn’t mean it hates video-sharing services. In particular, it seems fond of DailyMotion and Veoh. In September, VIA general counsel Mike Fricklas went out of his way to praise those two companies. As far as we know, Viacom has yet to sign a content deal with either DailyMotion or Veoh. But judging from Sumner Redstone’s remarks at the DJ conference this morning, we expect to hear about one soon:

Copyright compels creativity. It furnishes the incentive to innovate. If you limit the protection of copyrights, you stifle the expression of new ideas.

Think about it. You cannot pay the rent posting videos on YouTube. And most aspiring novelists do not aspire to self publish.

You cannot make it as a musician or filmmaker or writer without the shelter of effective and enforced copyright legislation…many of the issues that are central to the current labour dispute roiling Hollywood, would evaporate without the basic moral concept of copyright.

…new technologies that allow distributors to distinguish between legitimate and pirated content are being adopted by many major players, including MySpace and Microsoft, and several Internet service provides in Europe. User generated sites like DailyMotion and Veoh have joined with the largest video content creators to move forward in a collaborative way that respects all of our interests.

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