Viacom (VIAB) Lawyer: Google Case In Court By 2009


The Viacom (VIAB) – Google (GOOG) lawsuit won’t get to a courtroom at least until 2009, says Viacom’s chief attorney. Michael D. Fricklas spoke at The Deal’s Convergence 2.0 Conference, where he made a legally convincing defence of his company’s complaint against Google/YouTube. But Fricklas also pointed out that fighting this out in a courtroom is bad for his company and bad for Google. Even if the case makes it to court on schedule, he noted, it will be more than three years since YouTube took off — an eon in Internet time.

So will the two sides work it out? “Settlements can occur in any kind of lawsuit,” Fricklas said.

Meanwhile, if you want to see a file-sharing video site that Viacom likes, head to Veoh or DailyMotion, two sites that Fricklas praised because of their efforts to filter out copyrighted content — even though Viacom does not have content deals with either one.

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