Viacom Takes Hit Show 'The Jersey Shore' To 30 Countries

Mike The Situation jersey shore

Viacom’s MTV wants to turn its No. 1 series, Jersey Shore, into a world-wide hit.

The network is premiering the show in more than 30 countries this week, the New York Times reports.

Portugal and France have been bombarded with a “Get Jersey Shored” advertising campaign, with taglines like “Muscles + gel + tanning bed = sex,” in preparation for the international premieres. 

If any of these countries embrace the show as America did, the cast will surely see a huge spike in their paychecks.

So far the series has been a huge hit for Viacom, boosting ratings, and thus, advertising dollars.

The second season is already filming in South Beach and is expected to air in the U.S. sometime this summer.

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