Viacom Gutting Hulu By Yanking 'Daily Show' And 'Colbert Report'

jon stewart

Bad news for Hulu: Viacom and Comedy Central are removing two of the site’s most popular shows, “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report,” the New York Times’ Brian Stelter reports:

Although the companies said Tuesday evening that they were parting amicably, the decision represents the first major fracture between TV show owners and the wildly popular video Web site.

Viacom’s decision is a serious loss for Hulu — this week “The Daily Show” is listed as the third most-watched TV show on the site — and it is a reminder that content owners can control just how much video — or how little — is placed online for all to view. At the moment, that spigot is being tightened, in part to protect the industry’s primary revenue stream, cable and satellite distribution.

Viacom isn’t giving up on free streaming completely. Stelter reports that the show will still be streamed on and

Still, a huge loss for Hulu and its users. (Especially considering how lousy the Comedy Central players are compared to Hulu’s excellent user experience.)

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