Viacom: DailyMotion, Veoh Deals Coming Soon?

Viacom’s Philippe Dauman did his best not to make news during his chat at the UBS conference this afternoon, but he did offer up one tidbit: VIA has “several” digital distribution deals in the works, “with both major companies and smaller companies in the next several weeks leading up to [digital tech extravaganza] CES.”

We have a good guess about two of the partners Viacom is working with: DailyMotion and Veoh. As we’ve noted before, the company has gone out of its way to praise the video-sharing sites, even while others have complained that they’re violating copyright.

For instance, here’s Sumner Redstone at the Nov. 8 Dow Jones media conference: “User generated sites like DailyMotion and Veoh have joined with the largest video content creators to move forward in a collaborative way that respects all of our interests.” Expect to hear something soon.

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We Like Copyright Law — and Veoh, DailyMotion

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