Vh-1 Exec Hirschorn May Leave; Showered With Love In Advance

Just how great is Michael Hirschorn, who heads up programming at VH-1? He’s the greatest! Listen to the praise being heaped on him in advance of his possible move out of Viacom. NYPost:

For the network, and parent Viacom, a Hirschorn departure would be a devastating loss. After years of languishing under the shadow of its high-profile sibling MTV, VH1 under Hirschorn’s guidance has become one of cable’s fastest-growing networks in terms of both audience and ads.

Then there’s this, from Gawker (not a typo):

He’s an inspiring manager, say former colleagues, and he’s melded highbrow and lowbrow in a way that’s common in the UK, but till now rare in US television. The offers he’s weighing now will be something of a consolation for any mockery at Manhattan dinner parties with former colleagues at more refined institutions…”Hirschorn will be successful anywhere he goes,” says a Viacom informant. “No use having to fight with an uncreative douche who doesn’t get it.”

Our half-cent: We like Mike, too, and have since we were reading his NY Mag stories more than a decade ago. Good luck at the new gig.

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