Vevo, The Hulu For Music Videos, Throws A Big Bash For Itself


, the Hulu for music videos, launched last night, and threw a lavish party to celebrate itself in Manhattan.

Bono, Eric Schmidt, Adam Lambert, Mariah Carey, Doug Moris, Rihanna and others were on hand. Says Michael Learmonth, who was there, “Music industry never changes: cannot remember last time I saw this many limos/SUVs in TriBeCa.”

Despite the limos, it appears most of the artists had a somber view of the music industry. With Sheryl Crow telling David Kaplan of Paid Content, “nothing will save the music industry,” and Mariah Carey saying “isn’t it great that we can come together and salvage something that used to be special?”

Eric Schmidt worked with Doug Morris of Universal to help put together Vevo. They were brought together by Bono. Google’s YouTube is providing the back-end support for the site.

The site itself looks OK. Very similar to Hulu, of course. We’ve only played with it a little. We were pleased to find Pulp songs, but displeased by the lack of Daft Punk. We were surprised to get a pre-roll ad from AT&T, but it was short and pleasant.

Speaking with Kaplan at the launch last night, Eric Schmidt said: Vevo will finally help the music industry make money selling music. Not just merchandise and concert tickets.

The site has been buggy for us this morning. Let’s hope they get that straightened out soon!

In the meantime, here’s She Wolf by Shakira, an awesome song/video combination.

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