Tour The Offices Of Music Video Giant Vevo, Where Employees Enjoy Private Concerts Every Week

Music and video streaming service Vevo is one of the biggest sites out there.

According to ComScore data for July, Vevo is the fifth most popular destination on the Internet, behind only Google, Facebook, AOL, and Yahoo. Vevo’s artist channels are also among the most subscribed-to on YouTube.

Vevo is an amazing place to work, too. Major artists are constantly stopping by the company’s New York City headquarters for interviews and in-office performances, and employees often get to meet and take pictures with them.

We recently paid a visit to Vevo to check out the facilities for ourselves.

Vevo's offices take up the entire 25th floor of the Condé Nast building, located in New York City's Times Square.

As you exit the elevators, you'll find a wall covered in titles of popular songs from the last few decades.

There are lots of places to watch music videos all over the office, including this area by the entrance. When we visited, singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson was scheduled to perform.

Photos that were taken of today's hottest artists at Vevo events form a collage on the opposite wall.

Vevo gives artists Certified Awards when their videos earn more than 100 million views. Taylor Swift poses with her three Certified Awards.

And here are LMFAO with theirs.

There's no formal reception desk in this office, but guests can lounge on these couches while they wait.

As you walk down the halls, you'll see photos of iconic musicians like Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, and Mick Jagger. The photos were taken by Ed Caraeff, a legendary rock & roll photographer and the father of Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff.

In the main room, more than 100 employees across departments work in an open-plan arrangement.

They all have lots of fun knick knacks on their desks.

The Vevo office hosts private performances from artists a few times a week. Each time an artist visits, they sign a Vevo poster for the office.

The posters have obviously piled up over time. There are so many of them now that the staff has planned a variety of giveaways, including trivia games where the person who knows the most about a particular artist gets to take that poster home.

Life-size cutouts of Harry Styles and Kanye West lend even more star power and fun to the office environment.

In the Vevo Chill Lounge, workers can play video games or practice their karaoke skills.

But it isn't all just fun and games -- there's some serious work getting done here.

In addition to the New York office, Vevo also has staff in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, London, and Berlin. There's a constant feed of the San Francisco office running in New York, just in case the two staffs need to conference on something.

CEO Rio Caraeff recently moved to work out of Vevo's San Francisco offices, but when he worked in New York, this is where he sat.

He even has his own Certified Award sitting on his desk.

The views from this office are incredible from pretty much any angle.

One window looks out on One Times Square, where the ball traditionally drops at midnight on New Year's Eve.

Each of the conference rooms is named after some important theme in music history. This one is called 'Rock Box,' in homage to Run-D.M.C.'s hit 1984 single.

All of the conference rooms have whiteboard walls and some high-tech conference equipment for conference calls.

'Thriller' is the main conference room where executives watch new music videos.

In another corner of the office, there's a fully stocked kitchen and a pool table that's great for when you need a break.

There are plenty of cereal options to choose from.

And an entire wall of candy and other snacks.

Next to the kitchen, there's a lounge with tables and another flatscreen TV.

The best place to hang out, though, has to be the artist studio and lounge. As you walk in, you see a board covered in autographs from all of the artists who have visited Vevo recently.

This studio is where Vevo films artist interviews. They had just wrapped up a shoot with Matt Nathanson when we arrived.

Matt was scheduled to perform for the office after his interview. Before the concert started, employees grabbed drinks from the bar.

Matt played four songs from the mini-stage Vevo built into the lounge.

And almost the whole office turned out to watch and snap pictures with him after the show.

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