Veteran Recount Lawyers Enter Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

wisconsin supreme court election

Candidates in Wisconsin’s roller-coaster Supreme Court election are rounding up high-profile lawyers as their campaigns gear up for a recount.

Conservative incumbent David Prosser has hired Ben Ginsberg, a Washington lawyer who worked on George Bush’s 2000 Florida recount team, Wisconsin’s Capitol Times reports. Ginsberg also worked for former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman during the Republican’s epic recount battle with Democrat Al Franken.

Prosser’s challenger, JoAnn Kloppenburg, has also taken on a Minnesota recount veteran. Marc Elias – who represented Franken – will head Kloppenburg’s legal team.

New votes from Waukesha County have put Prosser ahead by about 7,000 votes. If Prosser maintains his margin of victory, a recount will not be paid for by the state.

Kloppenburg’s campaign said Friday that fundraising has begun for a recount, but did not say whether the candidate plans to call for one.

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