GRAMMAR FAIL: One extra space completely changed the meaning of this ad for luxury phone brand Vertu

An ad for the luxury phone brand Vertu’s £4,200 ($US6,461) Aster model shows the importance of checking for grammar before hitting “go” on the print run.

Can you spot the issue below?

We’re pretty certain that Vertu wants to market to “extraordinary” people and not “extra ordinary people.” You can see how one extra space completely changes the meaning.

The error appears again in this pin on the official Vertu Pinterest board, which uses “extra ordinary” in the image but #Extraordinary in the body copy.


Bear in mind that Vertu’s previous campaigns and marketing materials all center on the word “extraordinary.” This image below, which appears on the Aster website, suggests the errors noted above were isolated situations.

We’ve contacted Vertu to ask about the lack of consistency on its marketing collateral and to set the matter straight. 

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